MT/World Renaissance Series

These works are both a visual pleading and a celebration to the Divine for an understanding/thanks of/for the obsession that had consumed me since I first laid eyes on the bewitching/beguiling Maria-Teresa Natta. She was the assistant to the MTS World Renaissance’s Chief Purser, a seven hundred passenger cruise ship upon which I had accepted, mid-cruise, a position to replace the sickly number two photographer.

As we, weekly, sailed up the Queen Charlotte Sound towards the various ports of Alaska - Juneau, Wrangell, Skagway, I painted away in my makeshift studio that I had set up in our over-sized darkroom. I was twenty-two and unversed in the nuanced ways of seduction and openness to others. I poured my confusion and desire and ache into these works in an attempt to both expunge and understand the torrent of feelings that threatened to drown me. We traversed, Teresa and I, for many years and across multiple countries, the convoluted and heady pathways of connection, rejection, acceptance, desire, lust, willingness, pairing, separateness, joy and heartache that are the foundations and side-effects and out-gassings of “love.”

I left life at sea after three years and accepted an offer of employment from the Mussavi Arts Center in New York City, a place I called home for over thirty years. Whilst I was busy creating and establishing a different version of myself (sometimes with, but mostly without, my muse who eventually went back home to Italy) this portfolio of work ended up being stowed away in a storage facility in Upstate New York. There it remained for decades until I rediscovered it a couple of years ago.

I immediately reconnected with the energy of my former self, with my stubbornness and obsession - true, but also with my focus and willingness to gamble and a sense of playfulness and what I took to be unsullied and unequivocal love. 

I wanted, therefore, to catalogue and reassess these visual outpourings and to finally put them out there for the world to see.

They are available (from the tab - Print Shop) as limited edition (of 12) Giclee prints in two sizes - A3+ and 430mm x 700mm. The originals are also available - please contact me directly for details. 

10 x 14"
6. 8. 83.
140lbs Arches HP
Gouache and ink on paper.

WC#1 "The obliviousness of the manufactured dancing happiness of a seemingly independent (and liberated) female, smiling despite the tears of the moon and the attempts of a desirous but humane suitor." (Original size 10 x 14" 6.8.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

10 x 14"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#2 Untitled

(Original size 10 x 14" 7.8.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

10 x 14"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#3 Untitled

(Original size 10 x 14" 9.8.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

10 x 14"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#4 "The liberated thrusting female seemingly content with an askance peck on the lips witnessed by the operatic snail."

(Original size 10 x 14" 10.8.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

10 x 14"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#5 Untitled

(Original size 10 x 14" 13.8.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

10 x 14"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#6 Untitled

(Original size 10 x 14" 17.8.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

18 x 24"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 90lb HP)

WC#7 Untitled

(Original size 18 x 24" 22.8.83. D'Arches 90lbs. HP)

18 x 24"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 90lb HP)

WC#8 Untitled

(Original size 18 x 24" 1.9.83. D'Arches 90lbs. HP)

18 x 24"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#9 Untitled

(Original size 18 x 24" 22.8.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

18 x 24"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#10 Untitled

(Original size 18 x 24" 8.9.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

24 x 18"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#11 Untitled

(Original size 24 x 18" 16.9.83. D'Arches 140lbs.HP)

18 x 24"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#12 "The witnessing of the defecating but fleeting, smirking, snail by two relatively concerned but otherwise interested non-interlopers."

(Original size 18 x 24" 24.9.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

18 x 24"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#13 "The golden snail personifying the epitome of sartorial elegance, being diverted from his path to the unmasked Captain's Cocktail Party at the Oasis."

(Original size 18 x 24" 14.10.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

24 x 18"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#14 "Liberated gentleman farmer bleeding the pigs dry. (Are pigs free from the chains of the skyway?)."

(Original size 24 x 18" 14.10.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

24 x 18"
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#15 "Erica weeping at the realisation that undesired passion is always tinged with blue."

(Original size 24 x 18" 19.10.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

18 x 24" 
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#17 "Fido in an act of post-alfresco, latrinal, bestial, passion to his otherwise concerned master, witnessed by a passive (soon to be active) passerby."

(Original size 18 x 24" 4.11.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

18 x 24" 
Gouache and ink on paper (Arches 140lb HP)

WC#18 "Rupert attempting to ascend the emotional stepladder in leaps and bounds, ignoring the rule of thumb and the movement of the golden snail."

(Original size 18 x 24" 12.11.83. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

WC#19 "Oliver eviscerated, somewhat depressed, but overall bejewelled by the knowledge that they love him more for what he is not, than for what he is."

(Original size 24 x 18" 30.1.84. D'Arches 140lbs. HP)

WC#23 "MT, Eric, Simon the silent streptococci and a moon, the moon."

(Original size 26 x 40" 17.3.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#25 "Eric somewhat misguided under the false maxim that the way to a woman's heart is through her elbow."

(Original size 26 x 40" 22.3.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#26 "MT, Eric (with pre or post-digested danish), Simon, the most certainly, saliently, silent streptococci, and a star, the star."

(Original size 26 x 40" 28.3.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#27 "Eric personified but dehumanized, seemingly unable to digest the syntax of the sign."

(Original size 26 x 40" 2.4.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#28 "MT in glorious isolation, musing over the ramifications of the state of being hermaphroditic, concluding that any answer is no answer at all."

(Original size 26 x 40" 4.4.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#29 "MT aware of the patriarchic nature of the individual persona, pursuing separation in an effort to appreciate togetherness. (Journey to the split wall.)"

(Original size 26 x 40" 11.4.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#30 "The joys of motherhood #1."

(Original size 26 x 40" 23.4.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#31 "Esmeralda albeit in figmentation, lending a hand & other parts of her body for the temporary satiation of onanism."

(Original size 26 x 40" 6.5.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#32 "Rudolph, Randolph or any personage beginning with an 'R' recognizing his responsibilities of moral rectitude but responding, as he always desired, to the sexually demonic."

(Original size 26 x 40" 8.5.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#33 "The onus of Onan to initiate the wonderfully mangled, tangled web (stepladder to bliss) of coupled experience(s)."

(Original size 26 x 40" 10.5.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#34 "MT wondering whether the fact that her grandfather once grew the largest cabbage in the world (albeit in India) will aid her in her quest for the answer."

(Original size 26 x 40" 15.5.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#35 "MT blissful in the knowledge that there is no such thing as sexual levity."

(Original size 26 x 40" 26.5.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#36 "Simon abysmally sycophantic but gloriously unaware that when you reach the top you're on the bottom."

(Original size 26 x 40" 28.5.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#37 "Manufactured passion from previously promulgated pretences (sat there with ourselves in between us)."

(Original size 26 x 40" 3.6.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#38 "Lucinda, the unrequited kiss, laying it all on the line (and other places)."

(Original size 26 x 40" 5.6.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#39 "Parental revelation of the previously heavily tacit (tongue in cheeks) but pedestalled, sexual knowledge."

(Original size 26 x 40" 12.6.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#40 "Philidia sartorially encumbered, physically willing, spiritually absent."

(Original size 26 x 40" 16.6.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#41 "Howard the Huguenot in somewhat of a hugger-mugger (but feigning self-confidence) over the ways of the flesh."

(Original size 26 x 40" 22.6.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#42 "The joys of motherhood #2."

(Original size 26 x 40" 26.6.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#43 "Erica with somewhat askance trepidation succumbing to the monumental."

(Original size 26 x 40" 9.7.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#44 "Intercourse of interstitial tissue, interspersed, interrogated, institutionalized, insipid."

(Original size 26 x 40" 22.7.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#45 "Samantha the sophist (decompartmentalized) wondering whether the fulfillment of the tongue and of the Bach are equal."

(Original size 26 x 40" 4.8.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#46 "Oscillations, aspirations, desperations."

(Original size 26 x 40" 14.8.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#47 "Eric contemplating the speciousness/purity of the state of eunuch/uniqueness."

(Original size 26 x 40" 11.8.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#48 "Angelica in the throes of the moon cavorting with indulgence and her golden crutch."

(Original size 26 x 40" 12.8.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#49 "Ruben, corkscrew to the heart, banishing trust to the externals."

(Original size 40 x 26" 14.8.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#50 "Promulgations of auscultations tends to lead to mangling on the meninges."

(Original size 26 x 40" 16.8.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#51 "Plato pedestalled upon the platitudes of power proving all that is pertaining to the written word can be licked."

(Original size 26 x 40" 1.9.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#52 "Christopher, convoluted constantly, carefree occasionally, caught in the condensed cobwebs of coupling and consumption."

(Original size 26 x 40" 3.9.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#53 "Dido and Aenaes gloriously consumed by the mutual, backward, side-stepping stances of caring for one another."

(Original size 26 x 40" 13.9.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#54 "Woman in blue background."

(Original size 26 x 40" 21.9.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#55 "Eric in hopefully mutually disguised pursuit of empathy beyond the epidermis."

(Original size 26 x 40" 29.9.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#56 "Veronica veiled from the neck down, sipping the spleen (command from the sign #1)."

(Original size 26 x 40" 9.10.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#57 "Connections, inspections, rejections, conceptions."

(Original size 26 x 40" 12.10.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#58 "Samantha ruminating over the subtlety of the sign."

(Original size 26 x 40" 20.10.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#59 "Revelation to the cactus#1."

(Original size 26 x 40" 25.10.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#60 "Revelation to the cactus #2."

(Original size 26 x 40" 25.10.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#61 "Revelation to the cactus #3."

(Original size 26 x 40" 27.10.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#62 "Premature response to Jordan."

(Original size 26 x 40" 31.10.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#63 "Samantha and the sub-lunar scratch witnessed by the flagellating, fleeting jet-trail."

(Original size 26 x 40" 1.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#64 "Frieda and the fallacy of the felicity of fellatio."

(Original size 26 x 40" 4.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#65 "Simon sartorially resplendent, evincing evisceration evocatively, dispensing with the dictates of de corpus (coming clean to the cactus)."

(Original size 26 x 40" 6.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#66 "Philidia subconsciously but gloriously cauterized through her connection to the cactus."

(Original size 26 x 40" 12.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#67 "Angelica liberated within view of the cactus but also within spitting distance of her abode."

(Original size 26 x 40" 17.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#68 "Thespian thoughtlessness tied within a torpid truce (Ivanhoe isolated with all the necessary needs but none of the wilful wants."

(Original size 26 x 40" 20.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#69 "Frederica temporarily fulfilled through inverted frollicking."

(Original size 26 x 40" 21.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#70 "Ophelia histrionically and somewhat derogatively declaring that the oeuvre of the oesophagus is really all that matters."

(Original size 26 x 40" 24.11.84. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

Perma-Stamp Series

This series of gouache/watercolour/ink works on paper began when I first moved to New York City in 1985. I was heady and ecstatic with the energy of the city, a city that seemed to immediately embrace me with its infinite potential for manifesting one's heart's desires, if one were lucky and articulate enough to both know and voice them. I was working as a Man Friday at the Mussavi Arts Center during the day and painting at night, serenaded by the dulcet tones of Dylan and the glorious precision and eloquence of Bach. 

WC#83 "Munificent mouthfuls masquerading malignly."

(Original size 20 x 26" 16.7.85. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#85 "Martin and the magnetism of ellipses (countdown in the corner)."

(Original size 20 x 26" 17.7.85.D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#86 "Persuasion refracted loudly through the prism of togetherness, tolerance and tidiness." 

(Original size 20 x 26" 24.7.85. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#87 Untitled

(Original size 20 x 26" 29.7.85. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#90 "Peter and Paul, the parasites."

(Original size 20 x 26" 3.9.85. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#91 "Thinking of England and the wide Atlantic."

(Original size 20 x 26" 16.9.85. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#93 "Christopher craving, crutched, crazed, constant though crippled in his consumption of commodities, the commodity."

(Original size 20 x 26" 26.9.85. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#98 "The ability to write is a root of democracy (and Eric)."

(Original size 20 x 26" 21.10.85. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#101 Untitled

(Original size 20 x 26" 4.1.86. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#102 Untitled

(Original size 20 x 26" 14.1.86. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#103 "All this and coal too, Herbert?"

(Original size 20 x 26" 28.1.86. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#105 "Highway to the moon. A balloon, David?"

(Original size 20 x 26" 17.3.86. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

Return of MT

After years of persuasion, MT finally joined me in New York City, but the years of separation and tangential paths had fissured our relationship. These following works are a testament to the conflicting emotions and feelings when young lovers are attempting, foolishly, to find themselves in one another. The works, and us too, traverse a meandering route through the chaos and confusion of conflicting desires but point, eventually, to the potential peace possible by turning one's vision within.  

WC#123 Untitled

(Original size 36 x 48" 1.5.88. D'Arches 260lbs. HP with screen printed overlay)

WC#124 Untitled

(Original size 36 x 48" 1.11.87. D'Arches 260lbs. HP with screen printed overlay)

WC#125 Untitled

(Original size 36 x 48" 11.5.88. D'Arches 260lbs. HP with screen printed overlay)

WC#127 "Colposcopy."

(Original size 36 x 48" Dated "Late '88-'89. D'Arches 260lbs. HP with screen printed overlay)

WC#128 "Words as communication, words as constipation, words as fortification, words as fornication."

(Original size 36 x 48" 24.10.89. D'Arches 260lbs. HP with screen printed overlay)

WC#129 "Miss you as the sea would miss water."

(Original size 36 x 70" 13.12.89. D'Arches 260lbs. HP with screen printed overlay)

WC#130 Untitled

(Original size 36 x 70" 23.1.90. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#131 "A personal pornography is the next best thing to painting parenthetically in pairs, 'Don't follow leaders, watch yer parking meters.'"

(Original size 36 x 70" 27.2.90. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#132 "Tunc."

(Original size 36 x 70" 17.3.90. D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

WC#133 "Gethsemane."

(Original size 44 x 70" 15.6.90 D'Arches 260lbs. HP)

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